Taxation and levies constitute important considerations in connection with all transactions, and often play a crucial role in the choices we make. Projure's lawyers have extensive experience in advising on matters related to taxation and levies. These range from procedure to cases involving disputes with the public tax and excise authorities at all levels. Our lawyers have also argued fundamental taxation cases before the Norwegian Supreme Court.

Projure's lawyers can assist our clients with legal advice in the following fields:

  • general tax legislation,
  • marine shipping taxation issues, 
  • international taxation and taxation agreements,
  • value added tax,
  • excise taxation and special levies
  • accounting and auditing
  • succession processes


We can provide tax advice in connection with company mergers, demergers, acquisitions, changes in the legal entity status of your business organisation, incentive schemes and international transactions.

Projure's taxation and levies team is headed by lawyer Erik Mauritzen, e-mail: