Projure has lawyers with specialist expertise in the fields of family and inheritance law who regularly argue cases before the courts in this field. Our lawyers work primarily as advisers on issues involving the division of spouses' assets. They currently provide assistance to a number of individual clients who run businesses, with the aim of achieving an orderly distribution of assets between the business owners and their spouses. Our lawyers regularly act as administrators in connection with private estate distributions, and as will executors. This includes situations in which the distribution process involves assets overseas.

Our experience has taught us that many conflicts can be prevented by the prior drafting of marriage settlements and wills. It is therefore important for people to review their current situations in advance to see if existing legislation is appropriate to their needs and wishes. For married couples, a marriage settlement may in many cases represent a better option than that set out in the legislation. Instead of living in uncertainty, they ought to review the situation while they are happy together, and reach an agreement on an arrangement that suits them both. This applies especially in situations where both spouses run their own businesses. In the absence of a clear knowledge of how assets will be distributed, a future relationship breakdown may result in adverse consequences for individuals running their own businesses. Equally, it may also be relevant to consider the distribution of inheritances while an individual is still alive, either in the form of gifts or advance inheritance.

Projure will be glad to offer prior assistance, as well as helping to achieve satisfactory outcomes in situations where conflicts arise in connection with inheritance settlements, divorces or breakdowns in relationships between cohabitants. In situations where it is not possible to achieve an amicable settlement, we can guide our clients through the legal process. Our lawyers are experienced in conducting such cases at all levels of the courts system.

Family and inheritance cases involve not only legal issues, but also strong emotional feelings on all sides. Our lawyers have experience in dealing with cases where intense emotions are involved. We believe that in order to provide the best legal advice, such experience and knowledge, combined with sound legal expertise, are essential.

Projure lawyers Per Bergstad and Guri Haarr have both been featured in the magazine 'Kapital' as among the best in the fields of inheritance law and divorce issues in Norway.

A selection of our services:

  • Succession issues involving small and medium-sized businesses, as well as for private individuals
  • Advice in connection with the division of spouses' and cohabitants' assets, including the drafting of marriage settlements, cohabitant agreements and other agreement-based arrangements
  • Wills and inheritance covenants
  • Settlements of estates
  • Assistance in connection with inheritance settlements and related disputes.
  • Administration of deceased persons' estates, including acting as will executors.

Projure's family, inheritance and estate distribution team is headed by lawyer Per Bergstad (