Contract law governs day-to-day life in our society, both in terms of the relations between private individuals transacting business together, and our relations with the public sector. Contracts range from straightforward informal agreements to comprehensive contracts running to many thousands of pages.

In law we distinguish between the law of contract formation and contract law, and between general and specific contract law. The law of contract formation provides answers to questions regarding entry into agreements, requirements for the formation of contracts and authorisations, contract interpretation and issues of contract validity. Contract law addresses the rules governing contract performance, limitation of actions, issues of breach and damages for breach. This principle can be applied in general terms to all forms of agreement, or within a specific commercial sector or technical discipline. Examples include building and construction contracts, contracts for the purchase and sale of objects or property, the production or sale of IT products and services, mandate contracts (representation), licensing agreements, leasing agreements, acquisition and financing. Projure can provide assistance in the form of advice and in connection with negotiations in all these fields of contract law and many others.

Even though there are regulations that protect the parties to an agreement against grossly unfair contracts, we always emphasise to our business clients that, between professional parties, there are virtually no restrictions governing entry into unworkable, imbalanced, risky or non-profitable contracts. A bad agreement is just as legally binding as a good one. For this reason, in connection with entry into contracts, it is important to invest in competent advisers and the time required in order to increase profits and wealth generation, and minimise risk. Projure has extensive experience in most contract-related fields.

Our specialist contract law team is headed by Supreme Court certified lawyer Per Jan Selmer (