• Building and construction contract law

    Projure's team of lawyers in this field provides assistance primarily to developers, building contractors, oil industry suppliers and consultant architects, engineers, etc.
  • Company law

    Projure's lawyers have extensive experience in assisting businesses by acting, together with our clients, to maintain process integrity. Solutions derived from company law are commonly used to achieve outcomes that are important to owners and/or their companies. Projure achieves this by incorporating expertise from the firm's other specialist groups, such as those dedicated to employment law and taxation issues.
  • Contract law

    Projure offers comprehensive legal assistance in the preparation and formulation of contracts. We have specific expertise in industrial contracts, collaboration agreements, and contracts related to construction projects and real estate.
  • Debt, restructuring and insolvency

    Our lawyers have experience in the fields of monetary claims and debt recovery. We can provide sound advice on what measures creditors and debtors can implement in relation to each other.
  • Dispute resolution and procedure

    Projure has many lawyers with procedural experience, and some are certified to argue cases before the Norwegian Supreme Court. We argue cases before courts at all levels within our specialist fields.
  • Employment law

    Projure acts as a permanent legal consultant on employment issues for many major Norwegian and multinational companies. Our consultancy work includes everything from regulatory framework issues, major downsizing and restructuring processes, as well as ongoing personnel management issues. We also take on assignments for smaller companies, as well as acting for employers in connection with specific negotiation processes and during disputes.
  • Family and inheritance law, estate administration

    Family and inheritance cases involve not only legal issues, but also strong emotional feelings on all sides. Our lawyers have experience in dealing with cases where intense emotions are involved. We believe that in order to provide the best legal advice, such experience and knowledge, combined with sound legal expertise, are essential.
  • Public procurement

    Projure has many lawyers with experience in providing assistance in connection with public procurement practices. Our lawyers assist both public sector organisations and their suppliers.
  • Real estate

    Projure's team of lawyers in this discipline possess specialist expertise in the field of property transactions, property development and development contracts with the public sector.
  • Taxation and levies

    Projure has many lawyers with extensive experience in legal issues related to taxation and levies. As is the case with all other expenditures, it is vital to maintain a focus on taxes and levies, and important to avoid surprises following changes that one does not envisage will have tax-related consequences.