Karianne Rettedal is a lawyer and partner at Projure Law Firm. She works primarily as an advisor in the field of both individual and collective employment law. She assists both businesses and workers in these matters.

Rettedal has extended experience as a Lawyer from labour union within oil, gas, chemical and marin business. She has extended knowledge in these business areas. Rettedal has experience and knowledge in collective agreements and labour disputes. She has extensive knowledge of the collective agreements between LO /NHO in Oilservice, Operator, Drilling, Catering and also agreements between Norwegian Shipowners Association and LO and the Basic Agreement.

Rettedal also has experience from previous work in NAV covering the different social benefits schemes, and also Compensations, Occupational Injuries and as a counsel for victims of crime.

Rettedal has extensive experience from court proceedings, especially individual labour law.

Rettedal assist in most areas of individual and collective labour law.

Professional experience:

Projure, Lawyer / Partner august 2019 – present

Industri Energi, Lawyer  2013 - 2019

Projure, Lawyer (Damage / Compensation  ) 2012-2013

Industri Energi, Lawyer  2009 – 2012

Industri Energi, assistant Lawyer  2008-2009

NOPEF/ Industri Energi, legal Advisor 2005- 2007

Norsk Olje og Petrokjemisk Fagforbund (NOPEF) – Oljearbeidernes Sosial Ordninger,  Legal advisor 2003-2005

Legal Advisor Sola trygdekontor/NAV 1999- 2003

Stavanger trygdekontor Legal Advisor 1998-1999


Deputy for Stavanger City Council 2011-2015 (AP)

Lyse Corporate Assembly  2011-2015

Board member Petra Klosters legat 2011-2015

Deputy board member Representantskapet Rogaland Brann og redning IKS 2011-2015


Offentlig rett grunnfag UIB 1991

Cand jur 1998, Masters degree in Law, University of Bergen

European Law University of Oslo 2006

Licence to practice  2009