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Benjamin Törnroos is a Lawyer at Projure Law Firm, Stavanger. His main assignments are in the fields of employment/labour law, contract law and company law.

In the field of employment law, Törnroos focuses on providing ongoing assistance to both employers and employees within a broad range of employment law issues, including:

  • Employment contracts
  • Dismissals, terminations and summary dismissals
  • Downsizing/workforce reductions
  • Restructures
  • Transfer of businesses
  • Hiring of workers (staffing)
  • Preferential right to new employment
  • Working hours/working time
  • Equal treatment
  • Competition/competition clauses
  • Severance packages/severance agreements
  • Whistleblowing
  • Other personnel related matters

Törnroos has significant experience with both consultations and negotiations in dismissal cases. Törnroos has written an article aimed at guiding employees through the key steps of a typical downsizing process.

Törnroos has particular experience with whistleblowing and the rules related to whistleblowing in the Working Envoronment Act (Norwegian: Arbeidsmiljøloven). He has experience with workplace investigations and representing employers in investigating employee whistleblowing, as well as representing employees considering whistleblowing or facing reactions after whistleblowing.

In the field of company law, he provides assistance in connection with company formations, restructuring, shareholder agreements, etc.

Professional experience:
2017 - today Lawyer at Projure Law firm
2014 - 2017 Associate Lawyer at Projure Law firm

2008 - 2013 Master's degree in Law from the University of Bergen

Master's thesis: "Recognition and enforcement of foreign arbitral awards under the New York Convention of 1958: Is there uniformity of interpretation or is there need for reform?" Available here.

English, Norwegian and Swedish