Suppliers to the oil and gas companies make up a significant part of the Norwegian industrial sector. 

Many contracts within the offshore engineering, construction, and modification and maintenance sectors are based on established standards and contract regimes. These commonly entail complex processes, involving innumerable players representing a variety of roles over long periods of time, problematic boundaries between participants, and strict regulations governing changes and settlement. Furthermore, a contract must be tailored to the project in question.

Projure's lawyers have expertise and many years of experience in dealing with industrial contracts. This applies within the Norwegian industrial sector, to situations involving overseas parties, and also in connection with the establishment of Norwegian companies overseas.

We can provide assistance in connection with the planning of bids, contract selection, adaptations and strategy, ongoing monitoring in the event of changes and uncertainties in contract interpretation, as well as in situations where the parties involved fail to agree on the final outcome or the settlement for completed work.