Building and construction contract law is one of the key disciplines practised at Projure. We have a long tradition as legal consultants to developers, contractors, consultant engineers, architects and suppliers to the oil industry. Over the years we have accumulated specialist expertise in this legal field. Every day, the lawyers in our team dealing with building, construction and the offshore sector provide assistance to businesses of all sizes. We provide help in connection with entry into and the implementation and termination of a variety of contract types within the fields of onshore construction, offshore supply, manufacturing and industrial production. Many of our lawyers also provide assistance to private individuals in connection with new house purchases, for example in the event of disputes regarding shortcomings or delays pursuant to the Norwegian Home Construction Act (bustadoppføringsloven) or the Alienation Act (avhendingsloven).

We focus on encouraging our clients to make use of our expertise at an early stage in order to prevent unnecessary disagreements and disputes. For this reason, our lawyers prefer to have close and long-term working relationships with our business clients in order to enhance the clients' understanding of contractual content and to improve their internal contract-related procedures. At the same time, our procedural experience affords us high levels of expertise when it comes to assessing whether or not to bring a dispute to the courts, in negotiating satisfactory outcomes, and in conducting cases in court when the need arises. 

 Projure provides assistance in connection with the following:

 - Advice in connection with project organisation and choice of contract type

- Advice in connection with negotiations and the drafting of contracts

- Quality assurance and risk assessments of contract terms prior to entry into contracts

- Interpretation of contracts, including risk assessments linked to outcomes in the event of court proceedings

- Advice and dispute resolution in the event of disagreements regarding changes to work items, adjustments to deadlines and payments.

- Advice and assistance in connection with dispute resolution linked to hand-overs and final settlements

- Assistance in conciliation negotiations, mediation and procedure.

- Projure can act as a partner in connection with contractual procedures, including the drafting of bid templates, contracts, notification forms, etc.

- The lawyers in Projure's team also provide a comprehensive range of relevant presentations and courses. Projure has developed a so-called "Entrepreneur School" for our business clients, at which we provide both a basic introduction to, and an advanced understanding of, selected issues such as project execution contracts, turnkey contracts, public procurement, consultancy contracts and consumer contracts. We can also tailor specialist in-house courses in standard contract types including NS 8400, NS 8401, NS 8402, NS 8403,NS 8405, NS 8406, NS 8407, NS 8410, NF 07 and NTK 07, and can include other topical issues in the fields of contract and tender law.