Foundations and associations are commonly important non-profit organisations established either as charities or to promote good causes. They often administer significant sums of money, and some combine their normal activities with others for the purpose of financial gain. The Norwegian Foundation Authority exists to oversee an important set of regulations in this field, but it can be an austere and difficult organisation to deal with. In such situations it is often a good idea to have an expert advisor who has previous experience of these processes. 

The legal rules governing associations are poorly regulated by legislation. Factors such as the formulation of their Articles of Association, combined with their members' entitlements and obligations, are often crucial.

Projure's lawyers have extensive experience in advising foundations, associations and non-profit organisations.

We can provide assistance in connection with the following:

  • the establishment of foundations and associations
  • the drafting and amendment of Articles of Association
  • evaluations of taxation issues in connection with administration
  • evaluations of issues concerning members' entitlements and obligations
  • clarifications of the challenges and legal consequences resulting from changes in legal entity status
  • the provision of advice and implementation in connection with mergers