The law firms of Eurojuris Norge have entered into a collaboration with the Scandinavian insurance company If ( This agreement ensures If's customers high-quality legal services, prompt processing and discounted rates in cases covered by If's legal expenses insurance.

Legal expenses insurance is included in the policies of home insurance, contents  insurance, holiday home insurance, motor vehicle insurance, and boat insurance, and it covers legal costs associated with a number of further specified disputes. Examples of disputes that may be covered would be the purchase and sale of a house, property disputes, neighbour disputes, disputes with tradesmen etc. Certain disputes are in principle excluded from coverage, such as criminal cases, employment disputes and family cases.

The legal costs shall be covered by the insurer of the policy at the time of dispute, and all claims must be submitted no later than a year following the date when the dispute arose and a lawyer was engaged. We only know whether your legal costs will be covered under the insurance policy following If's processing of your application to make a claim under the legal expenses policy.

You are free to choose a lawyer of your choice, but the agreement between If and Eurojuris Norway will ensure you high-quality legal services with a high degree of service at a favourable price (15% discount on hourly rates).

Contact us via telephone (+47) 990 72 400 or email, and we will help you.

Further information is also available on If's website: