We calculate our fees and rates according to one of three models:

  • Fees based on recorded worked hours at a fixed hourly rate, with additional charges for use of the standards prepared by Projure and Eurojuris.
  • An agreed fixed sum for the assignment in question.
  • A retrospective discretionary calculation of the fee based on an assessment of hours worked, key expertise, shortness of deadlines, outcome of the assignment and other factors.

The model used will be agreed in advance and stated in the letter confirming the assignment. Hours recorded for an assignment will be entered as actual time worked to the nearest 15 minutes. Telephone consultations lasting up to 15 minutes will be registered as 15 minutes.

Hourly rates are normally within the following ranges (excl. VAT):

Partner NOK 2,300 – 3,500
Lawyer NOK 1,500 – 2,300
Associate Lawyer NOK 1,300 – 2,000

We make checks to see if the client is entitled to legal aid or has legal aid insurance. Many clients will have taken out policies that include legal aid coverage. Such policies cover expenses in connection with legal assistance for amounts up to NOK 80,000. The insured party must pay a premium of between NOK 3,000 and 4,000, as well as 20% of the excess. Such insurance only rarely covers family-related and inheritance cases.

Costs that accrue as an assignment proceeds, such as various charges, photocopying and postage costs, etc., as well as travel expenses linked to performance of the assignment, will be charged to the client in addition to the fees stated above.

Unless otherwise explicitly agreed, invoicing will be carried out in arrears on a monthly basis. Costs related to photocopying and postage, etc. will also be included. A final invoice will be sent when the assignment is completed. If the fee is based on either the first or the third of the models stated above, the invoice will itemise the work performed and the hours worked. Payment will be due in 10 days for all forms of invoice.

In some situations we may request fee payments in advance. Costs and expenses shall also be paid in advance.

The client undertakes to pay fees and costs for services provided, regardless of the outcome of his case.

Fixed fees are charged for the following assignments. There may be surcharges in addition:

Preparation of a straightforward will
(meeting, draft document, final document and dispatch to the probate court)
NOK 6,875
Preparation of a straightforward marriage settlement
(meeting, draft document, final document and dispatch for official registration)
NOK 6,875
Preparation of a straightforward cohabitation agreement
(meeting, draft agreement, final agreement)
NOK 6,875
Preparation of combined straightforward will and marriage settlement NOK 10,000
Preparation of combined straightforward will and cohabitation agreement NOK 10,000

These prices are inclusive of VAT.

We will be happy to answer any questions you may have about our fees and rates.